Brief introduction:

      EDI is a kind of pure water manufacturing technology which combines ion exchange technology, ion exchange membrane technology and ion exchange technology. It cleverly the electrodialysis and ion exchange technology combination, using electrodes at both ends of the high pressure of the movement of charged ions in water, and with the ion exchange resin and the selectivity of the resin film to accelerate the mobile ions removal, so as to achieve the purpose of purified water。


      (1)水进入 EDI 系统,主要部分流入树脂 / 膜内部,而另一部分沿模板外侧流动,以洗去透出膜外的离子。



      (4)无离子水从树脂 / 膜内流出。

      (5)无离子水从树脂 / 膜内流出。


working principle:

      (1)Water into the EDI system, the main part of the flow into the resin / film inside, while the other part of the flow along the outside of the template, to wash away from the outside of the membrane。

      (2)The soluble ions in the water。

      (3)The cation is through a cation membrane, which is discharged from the resin / film。

      (4)he concentration of ions is discharged from the waste stream。

      (5)No ion water flows out of the resin / film。







Equipment advantages

      (1)Stability of water quality

      (2)Easy to implement automatic control。

      (3)Will not be shut down due to regeneration。

      (4)Chemical regeneration is not required。

      (5)Low operating cost。


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