典 型 应 用:





Typical applications:

      ●Purified water distribution system, heat exchanger, cooling heat exchanger, heat exchanger。

      ●njection water distribution system heating and heat exchanger, cooling and heat exchanger。

      ●Water point heat exchanger for purifying water and injection water。

      ●Material temperature control heat exchanger。

设 计 特 点

      ●符合AsME BPE卫生结构设计标准。








Design features。

      ●Conform to the BPE AsME health structure design standards。

      ●Meet GMP requirements。

      ●Pipe minimum discharge。

      ●No dead ends。

      ●Multi lead。

      ●The shell side of the expansion joints to prevent large temperature difference caused by the heat exchanger rupture。

      ●Design of double tubesheet expanded to prevent excessive temperature difference in the leakage of Gao Jie net material pollution heat exchanger。

      ●Pressure bearing capacity Gao Shi used for high pressure operation。

制 造 特 点













Manufacturing characteristics

      ●More than a decade of heat exchanger, multi effect distilled water machine manufacturing experience。

      ●According to the requirements of users, the traditional strength expansion and hydraulic expansion two ways。

      ●Do the best technology possible to achieve automatic welding。

      ●Making U tube with special equipment to ensure the least non controlled deformation of the pipe。

      ●Surface roughness can be from Ra0.8 to Ra0.3。

      ●Strict quality control procedures。

      ●X - ray nondestructive testing。

      ●Hydraulic test and test。

      ●Mechanical polishing and electrochemical polishing passivation。

      ●Surface roughness detection。

      ●File to meet the requirements of GMp certification。

      ●Perfect ex factory acceptance test。


直 管 式 换 热 器

      ●发现泄露 可以拆除法兰进行检测




Straight tube heat exchanger

      ●Found leaks can be removed to detect the flange。

      ●No bending of tube bundle。

      ●Multi lead design。

      ●Full evacuation design。

U 型 换 热 器







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